Lightroom VS Photoshop Which App is Best in 2024?

Lightroom vs photoshop

Lightroom and Photoshop both are the products of Adobe, Many of us don’t know the difference between lightroom & Photoshop app, which app is best to use in 2024, So today in this article we see the difference and compare in their Features of Lightroom VS Photoshop from Basic to Advanced level and also conclude which app is best to use in 2024.

What is Lightroom App

Lightroom app is an official product of Adobe, which is used to organize, and edit, images from digital cameras as well as Raw images with excellent editing capabilities, which become the need of today’s photographers.

Several features of the lightroom app make it unique from other applications like Photoshop, Lightroom is also known as a catalog software, Lightroom also has some special tools for organizing and editing images, you can also use these images later and arrange them in the form of folder or subfolders.

98% of photos get edited within the lightroom app without using any other app, lightroom app is also known as a non-destructive app because you can undo the changes if you don’t after applying the effects on it, so that’s why it’s known as NON-Destructive app.

There are mainly two different versions of Lightroom, First is Lightroom Classic (CC) which is specially designed for PC on the other hand second one we have Lightroom App which is designed for Mobile including iOS, and MacBook.

Features of Lightroom App

1. images organization and File Handling Feature

Lightroom has a unique feature called NON-Destructive Editing, lightroom app has a Catalog, when a user imports a picture and starts editing it, like adjusting exposure and brightness, all of the details are stored in the catalog and all images are organized, without affecting the original images, you can also invert the effect by clicking on Undo Button which is located at the Top bar of the app.

2. Smart Photo Search

we can make a collection of images in the lightroom app, which makes is easy to use for the users, and also easy to find the images which are located in the recent edit images section within the app.

For instance, if you have attended a wedding recently, and captured the images of your family and friends, you can organize all of the images in one folder for easy access, without finding them anywhere else.

Keyword tagging is another easy-to-access way to your images, you can add different keywords attached to your favorite picture, and by using these keywords, you can access these images later without wasting your time.

3. Batch Selection Editing

Lightroom Enables its user to select and edit multiple images at a time without selecting single picture one by one, Photoshop also have all of the basic tools for editing images, but the main feature which is missing in photoshop is Batch Selection editing, which is available in lightroom app, which makes the lightroom app unique.

you can apply a single preset on a hundreds of images at a once and get done editing within few seconds
All of these features also work perfectly in older version lightroom .

What is Photoshop App

Photoshop was developed for basic image editing but with the passage of time it grow and cover almost graphic designing even 3D Artists, Animators also use this software. Keep in mind that photoshop doesn’t organize the images like a Lightroom app. photoshop is designed for Basic images editing, and its best feature is advanced level image manipulation and local editing.

Features of Photoshop App

1. Layers

Layers are one of the most trending feature of photoshop app, and it is also key feature to understand the app features, these layers allows the user to make changes without affecting the original images pixels, which give a lot of flexibility to its users.

2.History panels

History panel keep all of the tracks of changes you have made during editing of image or video, this panel keeps all of the changes history, the main purpose of this storing of changes is to undo the change which you don’t like to add on your images just by clicking on ctrl + z, the changes get undo.

3. Healing Brush

Healing brush is one of the most common tool used in Photoshop to enhance the beauty of pictures like removing the dark circles, wrinkle’s, blemishes, any kind of other spots or imperfections from face or object within the image, and make the images more smoother and clear,

4. Cropping Tool

cropping tool is also most frequently used tool in photoshop, which is used to remove or cut the unwanted portion/background / sides of images, or to change the image to specific ratio, it’s a very simple and unique but most commonly used tool in photoshop, that everyone need to know to use this tool in basic editing.

Comparison of Lightroom app and Photoshop App

lightroom vs photoshop which is best to use (2)
lightroom vs photoshop which is best to use
Non-destructive Editing
Library Tools
Extensive Text Editing
Content-Aware Fill
3D Editing
HDR Merge & Panorama
Layer-based Editing
Advanced Color Editing
Library Tools
RAW Image Processing
Customizable presets
Cropping and rotating images
import and export
images label/Tags
Level Adjustment

Lightroom VS Photoshop [Pricing]

Comparison between lightroom and photoshop is incomplete without mentioning the difference in price range of planes, more features you want, the more you need to spend, there are different planes which are offered by adobe, you can buy them on monthly basis, you don’t need to buy these planes for yearly, you can try them by buying the monthly planes, But to be honest, Lightroom planes are Less Expensive and value to money as compared to Photoshop app, Pricing of planes may vary, which may depends on cloud storage you buy and duration.

But you can enjoy the premium features of Lightroom app by just downloading the Lightroom MOD APK.

lightroom vs photoshop pricing difference

Lightroom VS Photoshop [interface]

Adobe Lightroom Has a very Clean interface, each and everything is correctly added in a precise position, which makes the lightroom app easy to use, and makes it unique from other editing apps such as Photoshop.Lightroom also has a smoother workflow interface, on the other hand, photoshop has a limited interface with few features preset at the interface.

Photoshop is a little bit more complex due to its complex interface, each tool in Photoshop may have a bunch of options, and it provides advanced tools, which are a little tough to understand for a newbie.

So Lightroom has a much smoother and easy-to-use interface that any user can use without any hurdle on the other hand photoshop is a little bit tricky and tough for newbies but also easy to use for expert users.

Photoshop may have following tools at the interference:

  1. Tools Bar ( This tools is located at the Left side of secren,using this tool you can perform the functions like, Selecting area in picture, creating, editing ,cropping, and much more task )
  2. Menu Bar (in menu bar you can find out the different option like saving, editing, more )
  3. Documents Tabs ( This tool can be used to work on different multiple tabs in a single time and switch them easily )
  4. Option bar ( This Tool is used to customized that tool)
  5. Panels (on the right hand side you can quick access to features)

Lightroom VS Photoshop (Learning Curve)

as we have discussed in previous section, lightroom app is easy to use with simple interface as compared to photoshop, its highly recommended to newbies that they should start editing images from lightroom app, after getting expertising, they can switch to Photoshop app.

if we talk abou photoshop app which is little bit Tough to use for newbies, because of its complex interface, photoshop is also super power image editing tool, which is suitable for experts.

Lightroom VS Photoshop (Editing Capabilities)

in simple words, Photoshop has a slightly more advanced level of editing capabilities which are tough to understand for newbie users, now a question arises in everyone’s mind as to why we use the lightroom app.

If Photoshop performs all of the basic to advanced level editing, the answer is simple Lightroom has a simple layout that is easy to use and access for both newbies and experts, to use photoshop first we need to understand the function and location of each function which is little bit tough task for newbies.

photoshop is not designed for both video and images editing, but in lightroom app you can edit both images and photos for editing purpose, so we can use lightroom app, that’s is the main reason why photographers prefer to use lightroom app which is called as non destructive software ( ACR ).

you can enable ACR Mode By just clicking on Filter > Camera raw filter > import images from bridge to ACR.

Lightroom VS Photoshop (Action and Presets)

Photoshop works step by step but there is still space, that you can enhance any picture more and more by working further over it by adding changes in layers, in photoshop we called this process as action.

For an instant, if we apply action known as “Vibrant Pop“, as a result of this action, this action will add brightness automatically and adjust the saturation and vigenate and much more settings.

on the other hand we have Presets (Pre-made settings) which are made from professional photographer, with awesome color combination, which you can easily apply on bulk of images just within single click, that why lightroom is more easy to use for newbies.

you can enjoy the 30+ presets by importing these presets in lightroom app.

Pros and Cons of Lightroom App


  • Non Destructive
  • Well organized interface for photos
  • Proper management of Tools
  • Sync across different devices through cloud storage


  • Limited Customization of text layers

Pros and Cons of Photoshop App


  • Advance interface
  • In-depth editing of pictures
  • able to edit images and video in different layers
  • easily transformation of simple images to extra beautiful
  • Ai integrated
  • easy to access cropping and Resizing of pictures


  • Expensive planes
  • Less supportive to vector graphics
  • bugs and errors are expected
  • Toolbar is less detailed
  • tough to understand layers editing
  • release of untested beta version may causes error and disturbance to users

Final Words

if you are professional photographer and know about graphic designing, don’t need to think more, just go for Photoshop app, if you are newbie and want to save time and efforts, you can go for lightroom app, by using presets, you can edit the images and videos within just few clicks.

After having Expertises on Lightroom app you can move to photoshop and explore it further, by exporting images by clicking on share button which is present in the Top Right Corner of app and click on save to gallery for later use.


Can Lightroom perform all the functions of Photoshop?

if you want to edit photo on lightroom then its fine well, you have access to all of tools which are required in photo editing, but if you want to edit picture in depth, you can go for photoshop app.

Should I start with Lightroom or Photoshop?

if you are newbie, you have to start practice from Lightroom, after having grip over lightroom, you can move to photoshop.

Is Photoshop more powerful than Lightroom?

Both of the apps have unique features, so its depends on users requirements, user can decide on its self, weather which kind of task he/she want to get done.

What is the difference between Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop?

Lightroom app is popular for its non destructive kind of editing, raw data, and well organized work space as well as well mange tools, while photoshop is also well defined photo and video editing app design for professional graphic designer, which have little bit tough to understand its interface.

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