5 Top Video Editing apps for android in 2024

5 Top Best Video editing apps of 2024 lightroomapks.com

You have seen a lot of video and image editing apps on different websites with different names, but today, I’m going to enlist a few top trending apps of 2024.

All of the apps have some common features, but a few extra features are added in each, making it look unique from other apps.
Here is the list of top trending image and video editing app of 2024.

5 Best Video Editing apps

  1. Lightroom
  2. CapCut
  3. Picsart
  4. KineMaster
  5. Alight motion

Lightroom #01 ( Best Video Editing app )

Lightroom is the best video and image editing app of 2024, which provides basic features in its trial base; if you want to enjoy all of the premium features of the app, you have to install the Lightroom MOD APK from our website, which will provide all of the premium features Free.

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Table of information of Lightroom app

App NameLightroom
App Versionv9.2.2
Size121 Mb
Required Version5.0 or Later
LicensePremium Unlocked

Lightroom MOD APK Older Versions

Lightroom MOD APK Older Versions (1)

Premium Features of Lightroom APP

  • Adobe Cloud sync (you can access your photos and video on any device)
  • Filters
  • Presets
  • Offline editing
  • Priority support
  • Easy import and export
  • Priority support
  • Color grading
  • Lens correction
  • HDR and Panorama
  • Face tagging and detection
  • Customizable workspace settings
  • Removing specific object from images and video


CapCut is the second most trending app for video and image editing nowadays, and many TikToker’s and reel editors use its prebuilt filter option for their videos and images.

CapCut is now integrated into Tiktok, which allows its users to use CapCut directly through the TikTok app; many top TikTok users use this app for their content.

About CapCut APP

App NameCapCut
App Versionv11.6.0
Size246 Mb
Android Required5.0 or Later
licenseNo Watermark

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Features of CapCut app

  • Timeline video editing clips
  • Pre Built templates
  • Filters
  • Cut and crop option
  • Adding music and color grading effects on video 
  • Text and stickers
  • Speeding option
  • Adding text in different languages
  • Different Fonts
  • Reverse playback option


Picsart is the 3rd most trending and valuable app of 2024, which is easy to use and provides advanced features to its users, with these features, you can make your video and images like a professional editor.

My favorite features of the app are that it’s easy to use and easily understandable layouts, Its features match with Capcut, but there is a difference in their look as well as some features.

About Picsart APP

App NamePicsart
App Versionv24.6
Size79 MB
Android Required5.0 or Later
licensePro Features unlocked

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Top Features of Picsart App

  • Easy to use interference
  • Video trimming and splitting
  • Video merging
  • Adding different filters
  • Adding voice over effects
  • Text in different languages
  • Adding stickers and images
  • Importing bulk video clips
  • Transition
  • Speed control
  • auto Velocity
  • no ADS


KineMaster is also a top app for video and image editors; it is easy to use, works perfectly on low-specification mobile phones, and is specially designed for video editing.

Its most famous feature is multilayer video editing, adding background music and text animation to enhance the video’s beauty.

KineMaster allows limited features in its introductory package. If you want to enjoy all of the premium features without any watermark, you have to download the app from our provided link; after downloading and installing the app, you can enjoy all the features without any watermark.

About KineMaster APP

App NameKineMaster
App Versionv7.3.11.32200.GP
Size78 Mb
Android Required6.0 or Higher
licensePro Features unlocked / without watermark

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Top features of KineMaster APP

  • Adding background music over video
  • cutting and merging of video
  • Trimming slides
  • Adding and removing of costume videos
  • Adding stickers and text effects
  • Overly text and captions
  • Incorporating different music clips 
  • Applying various filter over individual layers
  • Multi layers editing of video  

Alight Motion 

Alight Motion is the most used and trending app of 2024, which provides its user with many of the features that are not available in other editing apps; the top features of this app are keyframe animation, Visual Effects, and Video editing.

Alight Motion provides limited features in its basic version; if you want to enjoy all of the premium features, you must download and install the app using our provided link.

About Alight Motion App

App NameAlight Motion
App Versionv5.0.249.1002172
Size101 Mb
Android Required6.0 or Higher
licensePro Features unlocked / without watermark

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Top Features of Alight Motion App

  • Keyframe animation
  • Vector editing
  • Motion blur
  • Bezier Curve editing
  • Adding text and stickers on video
  • Video trimming
  • Video splitting
  • Video merging
  • Applying various filter
  • Adding voice over

Pros and Cons of Different Video Editing APP’s


  • Creative flexibility
  • Cost saving
  • Diverse video editing capabilities
  • More knowledge
  • Specialized features


  • Learning curves
  • File management
  • Incapability issue
  • Energy consuming
  • Time consuming


Lightroom app is one of the best video editing apps till now. 

Most YouTubers use the Lightroom app.

You can edit your videos on Mobile using the Lightroom app.

If you want to edit video content, try the Lightroom app.

If you want to edit your videos like a pro, try the Lightroom app. 

Yes, you can edit any 4k-quality video using the Lightroom app on your mobile phone.

You can edit any high-quality video using different premium tools of the Lightroom app.

If you want to merge two Videos, try the Lightroom app on your Mobile.


In the above discussion, we have concluded that the Lightroom app is one of the best video editing apps, which provides its users with premium features, including Presets, Color Grading, HDR and panorama, Removal of any objects, adding Filters, and other premium Features. 

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