Lightroom App Download for iPhone (iOS), iPad and macOS 2024

Lightroom app for iOS and macOS free download

About Lightroom app for iOS

If you are facing issues due to low-quality pictures captured by Android, Let me spill the beans: you must try an iPhone camera at least once. I’m sure you will enjoy the camera quality and colors of the iPhone.

After capturing pictures and videos on the iPhone (iOS),(macOS) And Windows pc, you can edit them easily on the iPhone and Mac without any hurdles. It’s the best thing since sliced bread you have. You’ve to download the app, install it, and enjoy provided features.

You can say that again, Lightroom apps for iOS have more advanced features like contrast, color grading, healing brush, saturation, presets, and many more features that perform flawlessly. Lightroom app is As right as rain for Apple iOS users.

download Lightroom app for macOS and iOS

Release on 01 Jan 2024

So Don’t Miss the boat and try the Lightroom app, download & install the app today and enjoy its features for free.

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Table of information

APP NameLightroom
Size124 MB
CategoryPhoto & Video
CompatibilityRequired iOS 15 or later
SellerAdobe Inc.
compatibility For iPhone: iOS 15.0 or Later
For iPad: iOS 15.0 or Later
LanguagesTurkish, Swedish, French, Dutch, English, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Malay, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, German, Filipino, Portuguese
Rating 4.5 / 5

What’s New in Version 9.3.1

  • Easily import and export images in High Quality without losing pixels
  • Import and delete a bulk number of images from your Adobe iCloud with a single click 
  • Bugs fixes and improved using experience including stability 
  • improvement and fixes of error
  • Multiple Language support.

How to download and install Lightroom app For iPhone, iPad, Mac

Downloading and installation Method For iOS

Step 1:

Go to Apple App Store on your iPhone

Lightroom app for iOS and macOS app store screenshot

Step 2

Click on search Button and Search for ‘’Lightroom’’

Lightroom app for macOS free download screenshot 1

Step 3

Click on Get button and wait for few mints

Step 4 ( last )

After downloading and installation, click on the Lightroom app icon and enjoy its features and edit your pictures and videos.

Downloading and installation
Method For macOS

Step 1

Go to Adobe official website

Lightroom app for macOS free download screenshot 1

Step 2

Click on ‘’Creativity and Design menu’’

Lightroom app for iOS and macOS store screenshot 2

Step 3

 Click on ‘’Lightroom’’ after selecting creativity and Design

Lightroom app for macOS free download screenshot 3

Step 4

Click on Free Trial Button

Step 5

Put the relative information and continue to complete the Steps

Step 6

After completion of steps click and install the app and enjoy the features 

Lightroom MOD APK for iOS and macOS, iPad

Apple devices don’t support APK files, and you can only install those that support the iOS version.
iPhone uses the Apple store as a default app for installing and downloading apps.

You can’t install APK files directly into the iPhone or macOS.

Pros and Cons of Lightroom App
for iOS and macOS, iPad


  • Full Feature set
  • No Subscription required
  • Better performance
  • Integration with desktop workflow


  • Cost (premium features are paid)
  • Required High performance system


Hope you have downloaded the Lightroom app for iOS and mac, must follow these provided steps to properly install and download the app as per given instructions for better performance so you can enjoy the app without any error.


“No” Lightroom MOD APK works only on Android mobile phones.

“Yes” you can use all premium features of the app for free.

“Yes” you can edit your picture and video on different devices using Cloud Flare sync settings.

Both provide the same features, but Lightroom Mac allows users to use extra features like, lens correction, Curve adjustment, and many more.

Lightroom app performs well on both Mac and iPhone. They are just designed for different places. 



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