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You’re tired of using old, trendy video & picture editing apps. You should try the Lightroom video and image editing app, which provides premium features like color grading, HDR Mode, presets, removing specific objects, and many other features.

Now, you can change your dull images and videos to high-quality, attractive content just by using Lightroom MOD APK Old Versions, which have premium features; by using these premium features, you can edit your pictures and videos like a professional.

All of the latest and older versions of Lightroom MOD APK are available on our website, and if you are interested in enjoying the app’s premium features, You can try any version of the app by visiting our website.

For more information you can visit website Lightroomapks

Lightroom mod apk

Lightroom MOD APK v9.3.1

Lightroom MOD APK Older Versions

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom MOD APK icone

Lightroom MOD APK

Advantages Of Using Old Versions:

Better Performance and Stability

one of the main reasons to use Lightroom MOD APK Old Versions is the Advanced Performance and stability for Devices with low systems, Old Versions perform better as compared to the Latest Versions in Low Specification Devices because of Low-size files and light versions.

The latest Versions of the Lightroom App require more Powerful System Requirements for both Mobile as well as PC, By using older Versions of Adobe Lightroom, you will enjoy more smoother and faster video and photo editing experience.

Devices with low specifications start lagging because of incompatibility with the APK Version, so it’s Highly Recommended That Users with Low Mobile system specifications use older versions of the Lightroom app, so they can get more better experience.

Compatible With Older Android Devices

As Technology is getting more advanced day by day, & most of the Old Devices are compatible with latest versions of apps and games, so Latest versions of apps requires more powerful system requirements to run smoothly, it’s a Golden opportunity for Lightroom app users, now they can use Lightroom app with maximum performance by downloading Older versions of Adobe Lightroom.

Access To Old Features

over a period of time, old features of apps are getting erased because of the addition of the latest features, some users feel more easier and convenient with old features of the app, and now they can keep enjoying old features with whom they feel easier to use the app.

By Downloading Older versions of the Adobe Lightroom app, you will able to enjoy those features that are not available or removed in the latest versions, this is more beneficial for those users who have developed a grip on old version tools.

Updates And Bug Fixes

Sometimes latest version of the app may cause errors on a few devices, also comes up with a new user interface and different layout, and may take some time to understand the interface of the app to use it properly.

using older versions of the Adobe Lightroom app you can avoid such kinds of errors and bugs as well as different interfaces, you can enjoy the premium features of app app without getting installed the latest updates and enjoy an easy and consistent editing envirment.#

Editing Workflow

if you have Acclimatize to a specific workspace and editing tool or have developed presets or any other customized settings in the app, upgrading to the latest versions may disrupt your well-organized workflow as well as a become cause of lose interest in using the app and waste time in learning new features of app properly.

consistently using older versions of the app, make your workflow smoother and faster instead of wasting time learning interface of the latest app which comes up with the latest versions.

Less Resources Consumption

using Adobe Lightroom app’s older versions is also beneficial because it requires fewer resources as compared to the Latest versions of the app, which are a little bit higher in size and consume more resources due to the upgradation of system design and addition of other features.

you can checkout in depth comparison of Lightroom and Snapseed app also and let us know in comment section which app work best for you.

Functions of Lightroom MOD APK Premium 

  • No Watermark
  • Access premium presets
  • Color grading
  • HDR Function
  • Adobe cloud access
  • Removing of specific objects
  • HDR and Panorama Merge
  • HDR and Panorama Merge

About Lightroom MOD APK

Lightroom app is a top trending app nowadays and provides limited features. Lightroom app offers limited features. If you download the app using our website, you will be able to enjoy the premium features of the app for free.

This app allows users to use advanced premium features for free, including Advanced Color Grading, New Presets, High Resolution, Improved RAW Editing, HDR and Panorama Merge, Face Tagging, Improved Export Settings, and Integration with Adobe Cloud. 

What’s new in latest version ( v9.3.1)

  • Bugs fixation
  • Sync error solved
  • New camera app
  • No pixel degradation
  • Camera and Lens Profiles
  • Performance improvement
  • Integration with Adobe Ecosystem
  • Improved import and export settings

Downloading and installation Method
of Adobe Lightroom APP old versions

If you are facing issue in installation and Downloading of app You should have to try these solutions.

Lightroom MOD APK older version feature image

Downloading Method

  • Go to
  • Download Lightroom MOD APK v9.3.1 / any older version
  • After Downloading, install it and enjoy premium Features of app for free

Follow the installation Method After Downloading the APK Setup of Lightroom MOD APK.

Installation Method

Method 1

  • Step 1
  • Go to Google Play Store ‘’Settings’’
lightroom mod apk older version installation method 1

Step 2

Turn off both of the option

  1. Scan apps with play Protect
  2. Improve harmful app detection
lightroom mod apk older version installation method 2

Method 2

Turn on ‘’unknown resources installation’’ from your android mobile settings.

Lightroom mod apk

Pros and Cons of
Adobe Lightroom App Old Versions


  • More Familiar to functions
  • Less Size
  • Legacy Features
    (few users like to use older version)
  • Zero Cost
  • Less Resource intensive
  • More Familiarity to tools


  • Missing Latest Features
  • No Bugs Fixation
  • No updates
  • Stability issue


‘’Yes’’ you can download any version by just visiting our website

Just uninstall the installed version, download your desired version from our website, and install it.

All previous app versions are provided on our website; visit the website and download your desired version.

Lightroom Classic is a Windows & macOS-based application; it’s not available for mobile phones.

“Yes” If you want to edit the images and pictures on desktop and macOS, you can try the Lightroom classic app.

Bugs fixation, improvement in import and exporting of files, and a few other features are updated in the latest version of the app.

Version: 9.2.2 (Latest version of the app is best till now) 

“Yes” Lightroom Classic is designed for desktop windows and macOS.


If we summarize the article, we have concluded that if you have a speciated Android mobile, you should keep using an older version of the app available on our website; an older version runs smoothly on a low-speciated Android mobile.

The latest version of the app requires high mobile specification to run smoothly, but in rare cases, users may feel lag issues due to the low-performance mobile specification.

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